Housing Programs

Shared-Living Boarding Houses

As part of our continued mission to decrease homelessness, Project ECHO utilizes a shared-living boarding house program. We have two shared-living houses that provide affordable, permanent housing solutions for individuals who can not afford a house on their own and who largely benefit from the advantages of a shared-living environment. There are four people in each house and all are former residents of our emergency shelter. They continue to receive case management through Project ECHO but each individual is independent and responsible for themselves, each pays his or her own portion of the shared household expenses and each contributes to the decision making and well-being of the household thus making each house fully self-supporting.

Oxford Houses

Another endeavor of ours has been the opening of two shared-living recovery houses. This provides a safe and affordable housing solution in Calvert County for individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Both our male and female houses can accommodate up to eight people who contribute to the household and pay their own share of household expenses. Both houses are a charter of Oxford House International which puts them in a network of nearly two-thousand houses nationwide. All Oxford Houses are self-supporting and democratically run by it’s residents. As long as the individuals stay clean and sober, are not disruptive to the household and continue to pay their portion of expenses they may stay in the house as long as they like.

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