Words from Residents

I am writing you from a shelter that is a place none of you would ever want to be. Our dirty mattresses lay on the cold floor. No heat. No food. No washer & dryer. No locked doors to keep your children safe! Me, I’ll get through this, do not feel sorry for me. Be happy for you! If you haven’t realized it yet, you are all so very lucky and fortunate to be where you are right now. Enjoy every day you have there. Those 90 days go by so very fast. Help each other, pitch in. Do your chores. Do your share. You’re all family now, you just don’t know it yet.
To the angels of Project ECHO: Thanks for your positive energy, encouragement and dedication. Being here has been such a great season of my life and I thank each of you personally for your unique contributions to my personal growth. You are all amazing! Keep doing great things – your work matters and is greatly appreciated.
I no longer have the fear of not having a normal life once again. This has been a wonderful stepping stone to one of life’s adventures.
When you are down and out the true pureness of a person comes to the surface and here we bond with a peculiar camaraderie and team up to help others when needed.
This is not a place where one lulls around and has nothing to do. We are encouraged to seek guidance to repair the damage of our lives, to grow and move on. We are by no means babied, we must find our strong spot and use it.
I’ve always been a loner but ECHO House helped me to love myself and others and to get back on my feet and go on with my life.
Project ECHO has been an awesome chapter in my life that I will never forget.
It is easy to misinterpret the definition of what homelessness is and who experiences it. Homelessness is not just a drunk smelly bum on the side of the street. It can be anyone of any age and any race who has hit a rough spot in their life and not only lacks a home, but lacks support.
There are people that go out of their way to make Project ECHO House seem as if it’s home with good food, a warm, soft, dry place to sleep at night and clothes on our backs. Thank you for everything that you all do and more.
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